Don Simmons is an accomplished public speaker that adds benefit to any meeting or conference.  If you are interested in having Don speak at your next engagement, please send email to:



July 21 - 23               Sacred Sound Ministry - Unity North ~ Atlanta, GA

August 11 - 13           New World Consciousness Expo ~ Orlando, FL.

October 27 - 29        Shaman Retreat - Highlands, NC

November 10, 11     ISTA Cymatics Conference ~ Atlanta, GA.


November 4 - 7         ISTA Cymatics Conference ~ Atlanta, GA.


April 11                      Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)  ~ Regional Spring Rally

                                     Orlando, Florida

April 26                      Wigwam Wellness Festival Series ~ Sound Therapy

May 30, 31                  Awakened Spirit Expo

June 28                        Inner Faith Church ~ Shamanism

October 3                     Patient Navigator Program - Georgia Oncology

November 6, 7           ISTA Cymatics Conference

November 28, 29 MBSRS ~ Sarasota, FL.


January 18                 Youth Of Unity (Y.O.U.)

                                            The Power of Sound!

January 26                Unity North

                                        Interfaith Service on Shamanism

February 22                Temple of Sound

                                           Tibetan Bowls / Crystal Bowls

March 31                    ISTA 1-Day Training

April 4, 5 &6             Sacred Sound Ministry Training

April 28                    ISTA 1-Day Training

May 25                      Seranbe Farms ~ The Shamans Path

May 31/June 1       Awakened Expo ~ The Power Of Sounds

August 25                  ISTA 1-Day Training

August 27                     Georgia State University - Sound Experience                                                 "Ethics and Religious Minority Communities"

September 28 - October 5  -  MACHU PICCHU


October 10 & 11        Cymatics: The Stress and Inflammation Conference

October 19                 Shaman Drumming Class

October 20                ISTA 1-Day Training

November 16            Shaman 1 Day Intensive

December 14             Dreaming 2015: A Shamanic Vison


January 6                        Trinity Center for Spiritual Living - a GB2 event

January 23                   "Joy Of Potential"   radio show

March 23                     Temple of Sound - ISTA

                                                  Interview Moderator

April 21                         Our Children: A Memorial ~ opening meditation

June 9                           Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) ~ Healing Sound

July 19,20,21              Sound Ministry Training - Unity North

October 12                   Cymatics Conference & Peace Bowl - ISTA

                                                             "You Are The Pioneers Of Sound"



January 6                     Youth of Unity ~ World Religion Lockin 2012

                                                                "The Mystic's Path"

January 8                         Cafe Jonah - a GB2 Event

January 29                         Stillness Yoga and Meditation

                                                               "Meditation with Quartz Crystal Bowls"

February 2                    Savannah Parkinson's Support Group

                                                 "Health and Balance with Sound Therapy and Meditation"

February 25                   Temple of Sound ~ ISTA

April 14                                Emory University Global Health                                                              and Humanitarian Summit

"World Peace through meditation and Loving~Kindness"

April 20                                St. Joseph's Hospital~ Cancer Survivors Group

                                                              "Meditation and Sound as Techniques of Healing"

April 22                               Earth Day Celebration with Jonn Serrie,                                                                Don Simmons and Atlanta Unity Church

April 29                               Loving Kindness Meditation - LiveStreamed

October 5,6                        Cymatics Conference for the International                                                             Sound Therapy Association

October 23                          Good Vibrations Radio with Lynn Waldrop

October 25                         Meditate the Vote - a non partisan meditation                                                                        LiveStreamed

November 11                     Opening Ceremony for                                                                                                    Spiritual Living Center Atlanta

December 21                      Special Concert with Jonn Serrie, Don Simmons                                                  and Friends! A LiveStreaming event!


January 9, 2011                        Red Hot Yoga - GB2 (Gongs, Bells & Bowls)

January 23, 2011                     Ananda Bhav Yoga - crystal bowls

         February 26, 2011         ISTA-Temple of Sound and CONCERT                                                                                            with The Flying Mystics

March 21, 2011                        Hospice Atlanta - In Service

March 27, 2011                         Cafe Jonah - GB2

April 1, 2011                               Ananda Bhav Yoga - crystal bowls

April 3, 2011                       Emory University Global Health                                                              and Humanitarian Summit          

April 10, 2011                        CONCERT WITH JONN SERRIE

 May 7, 2011                                International Pilates Day

  June 5, 2011                             Ananda Bhav Yoga - GB2

 June 10, 2011                           Through The Veil - Speaker and GB2

 June 19, 2011                           Solstice Celebration - GB2 (Sandy Springs Library)

 June 20, 2011                          National Guild of Hypnotist ~  State Meeting

June 22, 2011                            Spiritual Living Center Atlanta ~                                                                                                                         Summer Speaker Series  - MEDITATION

August 3, 2011                            Spiritual Living Center Atlanta ~  GB2

September 21, 2011                    International Day of Peace

November 11, 12            Cymatics ~ The Science of Sound and Vibrational                                                           Healing Conference and PEACE BOWL



June 11, 12, 13        
Through The Veil ~ A Paranormal and Metaphysical Gathering

Atlanta, GA.
Hilton Hotel



Saturday March 21, 2009
                                                  St Joseph’s Hospital Cancer Survivor’s  
                                                                                            Network annual conference


                                    Sharing the Journey Cancer Survivors' Conference 2009

Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Imagery
Don Simmons, Meditation Facilitator, The Mystic Path
Meditation techniques have been used by many cultures for over 3,000 years. It
is used to help with anxiety, pain, depression, self-esteem, stress, insomnia, and
physical and emotional symptoms associated with the treatment of cancer. Learn
about and experience the benefits of meditation.


5th Annual KSU Conference on Peace & Religion
Friday March 27, 2009     Kennesaw, GA 


This conference will feature workshops on Peace and Religion led by experts from across the U.S. and the globe. Workshops may include a brief presentation, however the majority of time must be spent on active and/or interactive learning. This will be a great opportunity to network, learn, and teach on the topic of peace and religion.

10:00-11:00 Concurrent Sessions I
"Meditation as a Personal Path to Peace"
Don Simmons, Atlanta (Room 1020a )

This workshop will focus on the awareness and importance of meditation as a personal practice and how to find those moments of Peace within yourself everyday.
As fully involved individuals we are empowered to shine this light to others we meet, by chance or by design. When we find the Peaceful Mind within us we have better tools to communicate in a way that brings success and joy for everyone involved. From one seed, many trees will grown which will in turn produce an abundance of more seeds. And thus the Path of Peace begins to grow from the personal practice of meditation.



February 2                   SEGO Choice - Meditation as a healing practice

April 25                          St. Joseph's Hospital

                                            cancer support group - Lunch and Learn

May 28                           Huntcliff Summit Senior Facility

                                                 meditation and healing breath


Meditation Instruction at Trinity Church                                     

The Frazier Center     1815 S.Ponce de Leon Avenue              Atlanta              7 pm

February 20            

March 19

April 16 - (canceled)

May 21 - Mindfulness

June 18 - Chakra Balancing

July 16 - Connect With Your Intuition


October 23                   WARL 1320AM   Providence, Rhode Island,  


October 26                   St. Joseph Hospital - Atlanta

                                          "Lunch and Learn" Cancer Support - speaking on Meditation

December 4                "SEGO Choice - Where Medicine and the Mind Connect"

                                        gynecologic cancer patients - speaking on Meditation