The Shamans Path to Awakened Living with Don Simmons

“The ones who live intentionally, compassionately and intuitively
are the Shamans of the world.”

Shamanism has been around since the beginning of humanity. The ones who live intentionally, compassionately and intuitively are the Shamans of the world. Enriching and Awakening the lives of others while growing their relationship to the Great Spirit is their mission. No one culture owns Shamanism; it belongs to and grows from your own personal calling to live authentically. Discover your journey through The Shamans Path, a unique awareness of the world where communication with the Great Spirits is simply a way of life.

This shamanic training prepares you to accept the Shaman’s Path as a way of living and gives you not only the foundation of shamanism but also the tools to discover for yourself the deeper life you can live by living as a modern day Shaman. There will be at least one SHAMANIC JOURNEY each session and more will be required for the interim between sessions.

Each class builds upon the last and each level is required for the next. You can take the classes one at a time—and stop anytime you like but you must start from the beginning and build up. Sorry ~ No skipping allowed and no Drop Ins.  Includes a free CD for Shamanic Practice

Cost: $625 for 9 months if paid in advance or $75/class – 3 months minimum commitment

February   21                        Core                                    2/21/16

Sacred Protection, Personal LifePath, Fundamental Animal Guides, Meeting your Spirit Guide, Metaphorical Living, Mesa Building, Personal and Spatial Clearing, Medicine Bag for Protection

March 20                            Core                                    3/20/2016

Journey into the 3 Worlds, Shape Shifting, The Animal Guides of 4 Elements, Tools of Crystals, Divination, The Way of the Drum

April 17                              Core                                    4/17/2016

Spirit Helpers and Shadow Guides, Past Lives, Energetic Scanning and Healing, Astral Projection / Remote Viewing, Medicine Bag for Wisdom

May 22                            Level 2                                  5/22/2016

Shamanic Healing,  Sacred Ancestors,  Living the Authentic Ho’Oponopono, Journey with Gong

June 19                                  Level 2                          6/19/2016

Healing through Space and Time, Deepening your practice, Medicine Bag for Abundance

July 17                                   Level 2                           7/17/2016

Soul Retrieval 

August 21                              Advanced                        8/21/2016

Soul Retrieval

September 18              Advanced                               9/18/2016

Death and Dying, Crossing Souls (Psychopomp)

October 16                  Advanced                                 10/16/2016

Crossing Souls (Psychopomp), Soul Retrieval, Healing Practice

Time Commitment:

This course follows a 1 meeting/month for 9 months on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 2pm – 7pm with additional “homework” in between with the following:
Journey: recommended 1 hour x 2/month ~ Meditation: 15 minutes / session x 3/wk
Shamanic Exercises: as per session, @ 3 hours/month


Don Simmons is a Spiritual Counselor, Sound Healer, Intuitive, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. His linage is that of the Kahuna, the Hawaiian shaman, a Great Spirit Guide who became his teacher during the mid 1970’s. Don is an award winning filmmaker, published writer, lecturer and working Intuitive. He holds a Doctor of Divinity from Universal Life Church and is the president of the International Sound Therapy Association.   

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