Don Simmons sees clients in person in Sarasota, Florida or by phone or Skype. If you would like to schedule a reading ...

please go to:

All sessions are $350/1 hour or $200 for 1/2 hour


Things to do before you call.

* List your questions

* Have notebook and pen handy

* Recording device set up and ready if you desire to record

* Get water

* Use the bathroom

* Finish eating

* Find a comfortable place to sit

* Take 11 relaxing breaths

* Make the call

*Watch your life Change!

DISCLAIMER: Don Simmons is a Spiritual Counselor and is not licensed to practice psychiatry or psychology. Responses are based on life-experiences, personal philosophies and Spiritual evaluations and are not intended to be used in replacement of psychological or psychiatric counseling. This service is provided with the understanding that if legal or other assistance is required, the service of a competent professional should 
be sought.