Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and not others?  Why are your romantic relationships running in circles?  Why do you have a certain illness or phobia?  Perhaps the answer lies in your Past Life!  Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis, allowing us to experience, first hand, a lifetime we’ve lived before becoming reincarnated into our present lifetime.  The study of our Past Lives show us we are, in this present lifetime, a synthesis of who we were in our previous lives.  And our friendships and lovers are often a partnership steeped in Karma and running its course in today’s destiny.  All levels of experience!

Each Private Past Life Regression session takes approximately 1.5 hours and cost $200. A Past Life workshop, where you actually are taken on a Past Life Regression in a group workshop format is held every 2 months at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. See "Workshop Schedule" for details.


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People often ask me what is the difference between a Private Past Life Regression session and a Group Past Life Regression session ...

A group session is a great way to be introduced to Past Life Regression (PLR) where you will be introduced to the principals of PLR; go through certain exercises to "loosen up"  the conscious mind; then go through a Past Life for yourself. In a group setting, I lead in such a way each individual "sees" their own unique Past Life as it comes up for them. I've done this group Past Life Regression class for over 15 years with groups of 10 to 500! What is amazing is I've witnessed peoples life being significantly changed by just 1 of these sessions.

I feel the group session is a great pre-cursor to doing the deeper work of a private session and often recommend it for clients who want to do the One-On-One session. It helps to understand the feeling of being in the state of deep trance.

Private Sessions are much more specific where the client is talking and "reporting back" what they are experiencing. This way we are able to focus on a specific issue or circumstance. In the Private session we are able to clear the blocks and obstacles of this life stemming from Past Lives more effectively. It becomes more personal and more to the point of what you are looking for in a Past Life.

I do recommend the Group PLR for someone who is looking to go deeper but who has never done this before - or if someone is more "mildly curious" what it's like.