You were given a road map of your life and it is in the palm of your hand!  Palmistry is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years to the prehistoric caves in France and Spain where hand drawings of palms with the major lines were portrayed. There is evidence of palmistry being practiced in India more than 5,000 years ago.  Classical Palmistry, chiromancy, is rooted in Greek mythology where each area of the palm and fingers is related to a god or goddess.  It is though this study we obtain an objective view of who we are and where our talents lie.


Index - Jupiter - power and leadership

Middle - Saturn - duty to others, karma

Ring - Apollo - art, music and aesthetics

Little - Mercury - communication (speech and dance)

Thumb - Sun - ego and willpower

The 4 major lines include:

 Life line - between the thumb and first finger arching down to the lower inside palm

Head line - between the thumb and first finger moving across the palm to the other side

Heart line - moving from below the little finger towards the index or middle finger

Destiny line - moving from the lower center of the palm straight up